Since as far back at the 1960’s, Lutheran League Bowling has been in full swing and going strong ever since. All are welcome and you don’t have to be an expert to join. It’s about good, old fashioned fun and friendship. With Elim members on three of the league teams—Elim One, Holy Rollers and Spare Me—you can imagine the friendly rivalry across the Crosley bowling lanes.

When we asked Jim Walter, Captain of the Elim One team, why they had not given themselves a real name like the other teams, Jim simply replied, “Why, what do you mean? We are ‘Elim One’— and you know there can be only one!” Well, they are unique. We’ll give them that. But the Holy Rollers and Spare Me teams definitely give Elim One and the rest of the league a run for their mon-ey. The 35-week long season has its share of ups and downs but laughter and good times are a reg-ular occurrence.

If you are free on a Monday evening, why not stop by Crosley Lanes at 2400 East Evergreen Blvd? Come cheer on your friends and join the fun. And, if you care to catch some of the action, let Gary Miller know.


Contact: Gary Miller at 360.687.4082





What’s Up?

We bowl every Monday night at Crosley Lanes, starting at 6:30.

We are always looking for new players and substitutes. So, if you are interested, by all means stop by and check us out!