Church Council

The Church Congregation gathers after church service on the last Sunday in January to attend the Annual Congregational Meeting. They review the committee reports, conduct business and hold elections for Council members and officers as well as Committee Members. This year, 2014, out-going members were Hans Vierck and Marlene Stensdotter, although Marlene will continue on as Church treasurer. Members for 2014 are:

Rick Hauser, Council President Jim Hylton Cheryl Tilford
Ted Brouhard, Vice President Mary Hylton Herm Tilford
Anita Alexander, Secretary Erin McClelland Vince Vierck
Herb McCord Tammy Uhl

By the authority given them in the Church Constitution, the Church Council meets in the Council Room the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the church business, review the treasurer’s financial statement and conduct the necessary business of the church—old and new. Pastor Steve opens with a devotional. The minutes from the past meeting are read and approved, the treasurer’s report is reviewed and approved, and the Committee reports are heard, which in-cludes the Pastor’s Report, Parish Life, Discipleship, Pathfinders Men’s Group, Fellowship, Women of L.I.F.E., and Cemetery. While this is serious and important business, and the Council conducts it with appropriate decorum, true to the spirit of the Elim Congregation, Council Meetings are always filled with lively conversation and the occasional teasing. Anyone on the congregation is welcome to attend Council meetings at any time. Or, if you have questions or requests, feel free to contact any Council Member.


Contact: Rick Hauser at 360.687.8919 or Ted Brouhard at 360.892.6634




What’s Up?


Next Council Meeting is February 11th at 6:30 in the